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Sunthe center of our solar system
Mercuryclosest planet to the son
Venusearths twin
Earththe only known planet with life
Marsthe red planet
Jupiterthe biggest planet
Saturnknown for its magnificent rings
Uranusthe planet other than Saturn with rings
NeptuneThe planet that sometimes changes places with Pluto
Plutothe farthest planet from the sun
Solar systemthe collective term for the Sun, the planets, etc.
Astroidone of the minor planets
Atmospheregases that surround and protect planets and other bodies
Black holean invisible region in space surrounding a colapsed star, from which no light can escape
Galaxya cluster of stars etc.
Cometa piece of space debris made up of ice, gas, and dust
Meteoroida piece of tock hurtling through space
Satellitea planet or moon
Stara glowing sphere of gas that creates its own light
Shooting starMeteor

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