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The organelles and their functions

cytoplasmcontains all the cell parts
organelles"little organs" each performs its own specific function
nucleuscontrol center for the cell
chromatingenetic blueprint of the cell
nucleolusribosomes are assembled
nuclear envelopeencloses the contents of the nucleus, double membrane performed with pores
ribosomesproteins are assembled
endoplasmic reticilumnetwork of membranes that produceand transport materials
rough erproteins are made and transported
smooth erlipids are made and transported
golgi apparatuspackages and distributes materials from ER (proteins and lipids)
vesiclesac that contains an organic compound
mitochondrionsupplies energy (from food) to cell
peroxisomecontains enzymes to alter dangerous chemicals in cells
centrioles Animal onlyaids in cell division
lysosome Animal onlycleans up the cell, contains digestive enzymes to rid the cell of unwanted materials
cytoskeletonsupports and shapes the cell
flagellum Animal onlylong whiplike tail
ciliamany short flagella
vacuolestores water, nutrients, enzymes: variety of functions
central vacuole plant onlylarge area in plant cells, keep plant cells rigid, contains water and digestive enzymes
chloroplast plant onlyuses energy from sunlight to make food in the form of sugar
cell wall palnt onlysupport around some cells, very porous; contains cellulose
cell membranedetermines what enters and leaves the cell (selectively permeable)

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