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Ch. 24 & 25 Vocabulary

InitiativeVoters draft a bill and vote on it
ReferendumVoters accept or reject a law passed by the legislature
RecallVoters remove an elected official from office
Constituent PowerPower to make and amend constitutions
Common LawUnwritten, judge-made law
FelonyGreater crime that results in heavy punishment
MisdemeanorLesser offense, results in lesser punishment
Civil LawNoncriminal matter
JuryPeople who decide questions of fact in a court case
Bench TrialDecided by a single judge; no jury
Justice of the PeaceTry misdemeanors, issue warrants, perform marriages
TownshipsSubdivisions of counties
Special DistrictIndependent unit created to perform a governmental function
MunicipalityUrban unit within a township
IncorporationProcess by which a city is established
CharterCity's basic law
Mayor-Council GovernmentElected mayor and elected council
Strong-Mayor GovernmentMayor heads the city's administration
Weak-Mayor GovernmentMayor shares powers with other officials
Commission Government3-9 commissioners govern a city
Council-Manager GovernmentStrong council, weak mayor, manager
ZoningDividing a city to regulate land use
Metropolitan AreasCities and the areas around them
Property TaxTax on personal property
AssessmentDetermining the value of property
BudgetFinancial plan for the use of public money

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