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Vocabulary 24

clamberto scramble; to climb with difficulty using hands and feet
incalculablenot able to be reckoned beforehand; uncertain; too great a number to be counted
acclaimloud applause; praise; to applaud; to approve strongly
influentialhaving or exerting influence; powerful; having effect
perennialperpetual; enduring; a plant that lasts through all the seasons for many years
poachto trespass on; to take something unfairly or illegally; to hunt illegally
affectedinfluenced; stirred emotionally; speaking or behaving in a false way to make an impression
priorityprecedence; something that is first in time, order, or importance
prominencethe state or quality of being prominent or standing out; state of being famous or distinguished; distinction
circumscribeto restrict; to limit; to encircle; to draw a circle around

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