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The Feudal system of the Middle Ages

feudalismway of life based on who owned and used land
fiefland owned by one man who allowed others to use it in exchange for specific promised services
lordone who owned land
vassalone who used land in exchage for protection
knightwarriors who fought for kings and nobles
noblefamily that could trace their ancestry to Roman aristocratic family
kingone at the top of feudal sytem who ruled a kingdom
crown landland kept for personal use by a king
chivalrycode of conduct for nobility and kinghts
pagehousehold servant of a lord
squirepersonal servant of a a lord or knight
coat of armsemblem used to identify noble families
castlenobles heavily fortified dwelling
moattrench of water around a castle
drawbridgebridge that could be raised or lowered
turretstowers along castle walls for watchmen to protect castle
tournamentmock battle between two teams of knights
joustcontest between two knights to unhorse each other
manorestates owned by nobles
serfslaves, farmers of the manors

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