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Chapter one


ENGElectronic News Gathering
EFPElectronic Field Production
Camcorderportable camera with attached Vtr
Switcherpanel with rows of buttons that permit selection of video sources
transducerconverts one form of energy into electrical energy
lensdevice to select portion of environment producing an optical image
CCDcharge-coupled device
directional lightsharp beam and harsh shadows
diffused lightwide beam and soft shadows
spotlightsdirectional light instrument
floodlightdiffused light instrument
viewfinderpiece of camera that "sees" what the camera "sees"
microphoneaudio transducer
switcherpermits instantaneous video editing
EDLedit decision list
CGcharacter generator
CPUcentral processing unit
RAMrandom access memory
ROMread only memory
megabyteequals one million bytes
gigabyteequals one billion bytes
byteequals eight bits
cd-romcan store up to 650 MB


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