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Sixth grade reading and math vocab

arrayan orderly arrangement of objects
congruentfigures that are the same shape and size
ordered pairspair of numbers that gives coordinates of a point on a grid
perimeterthe distance around a figure
areathe measure of the interior of a 2 -D figure
ratioa comparison of 2 numbers
volumethe number of cubic units in a 3-D figure
surface areathe total area of faces on a solid figure
consecutivein order (8,9,10)
sumthe result of addition
selectiona reading passage or text
headingstitle standing at the top or beginning
passagea short section from a text
compareto show similarities or likeness
overcometo gain superiority or advantage
italicized statementwhen characters slant to the right
explainto make clear ro easy to understand
summarizeto make a short account of text
referto go to for help, a decision or info
describeto give a written or spoken report about something

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