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Vocabulary Lesson 12 Book B

Vocabulary for the College Bound Book B

HeresyNoun: a religious belief opposed to the established doctrine
HoaxNoun: a practical joke
HueNoun: that quality which makes one color differ from other colors; a particular shade or tint of a given color
HumilityNoun: absence of vanity
HurtleVerb: to dash; to move swiftly and with great force
HyperboleNoun: extreme exaggeration for effect and not meant to be taken literally
HypercriticalAdj: overly critical; too severe in judgment
IgnominyNoun: public shame, disgrace, or dishonor
ImpeccableAdj: faultless; without sin or blemish
ImplacableAdj: cannot be appeased or pacified
InaneAdj: without sense or meaning; silly; empty
IncarerateVerb: to put into prison; to confine
IncisiveAdj: sharp; keen; penetrating
IncognitoAdj: hiding one's name, rank, position; disguised
IndiscreetAdj: not wise or judicious; imprudent, as in speech or action

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