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Across the Wide Dark Sea - Vocabulary Practice

anchora heavy, metal hook attached to a ship and dropped overboard to hold the
crampedcrowded; not enough room to move about
journeya trip from one place to another
seepingslowly leeking; oozing
settlement:a small community in a new place
surviveto stay alive; to hold up or withstand
wearytired; needing rest
riggingall the ropes, chains, and pulleys used to control the masts and sails of a
furlto roll up and fasten
shudderedtrembled or shivered suddenly
huddledcrowded close together
overboardover the side of the boat
desperatedriven by a great need
miraculouslyamazingly; like a miracle
pluckedsnatched, pulled out
jacka mechanical tool used to raise or move heavy objects
worshipto take part in a religious ceremony
faithtrust or belief, even without proof
lurkedstayed hidden
defendto protect from attack
thatch-roofeda roof covered with straw or reeds

3rd Grade Teacher
Lichen Elementry School

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