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Yunmi and Halmoni's trip Vocabulary

bustlingfull of activity; busy
customa tradition; a way of doing things
foreignerspeople who come from a different country or place
passporta government document that allows people to travel in foriegn countries
sightseeingvisiting interesting places; touring
skyscrapersvery tall buildings
vendorsomeone who sells something
nationalscitizens from a particular nation or country
usheredled by someone
ministerspeople who are in charge of government departments
parasolsumbrellas that provide shade from the sun
marinatedsoaked in sauce or spices to add flavor
dumplingspieces of dough, often with a filling, that you cook by steaming or boiling
outskirtsareas away from the center of town
tombstonea stone that marks where a dead person is buried
blurtedsaid suddenly without thinking
ashamedfeeling sorry for doing something wrong
selfishbeing mainly interested in yourself rather than others

3rd Grade Teacher
Lichen Elementry School

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