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Cardiovascular System

The contraction of the ventricles is referred to as:Systole
The period of ventricular relaxation is called:Diastole
The heart sound during a complete cardiac cycle:Lub-Dub
The first sound is a result of closure of the:AV valves
What causes the second heart sound?Closure of the semilunar valves
Which chamber pumps blood to the systemic cirulationLt. Venrtricle
Which chamber pumps blood to the pulmonary circuit?Rt. ventricle
The superior and inferior vena cava empties into:Rt. Atrium
Prevents blackflow of blood into the ventricles during relaxation:Aortic and pulmonary semilunar valves
Prevents backflow into the artia when the ventricles contract?Tricuspid and bicuspid valves
The pacemaker of the intrinsic conduction systemSA-Node
The point in the intrinsic conduction system where the impulse is temporarily delayed?AV- Node
What is another name for the bicuspid valve?Mitral
The coronary arteries are feed during what part of the cycle.Ventricular diastole
On an EKG the period during which the atria are depolarizing?"P" Wave
On an EKG the period which the ventricles are repolarizing?"T" Wave
The period during which the ventricles are depolarizing, which precedes their contraction?QRS Complex
An abnormally slow heartbeat, that is, below 60 beats per minute?Bradycardia
A condition in which the heart is uncoordinated and useless as a pump?Fibrillation
An abnormally rapid heartbeat, that is, over 100 beats per minute?Tachycardia
Damage to the AV node, totally or partially releasing the ventricles freom the control of the sinoatrial(SA-node)?Heart Block
What is the lack of blood flow called:Ischemia
Chest pain, resultiing from ischemia of he myocardium?Angina Pectoris
Cardiac output (CO) is a product of:Heart rate X Stroke volume
The amount of blood pumped our of the heart per contraction:Stroke Volume
Because the heart of a highly trained athlete hypertrophies, its___________decreases:Rate of Contraction
The normal average heart rate is:75 bpm
The normal adult average cardiac output is about:5 L/min
If the left heart starts to fail what will occur?Pulmonary Congestion
The central cavity of a blood vessel is called the:Lumen
The reduction of the lumen of a vessel in known as:Vasoconstriction
The enlargement of vessel diameter is known as:Vasodilatation
Vessel known as the high pressure vessels:Arteries
Vessels known as the low pressure vessels:Veins
This vessel structure help prevent backflow of blood in the low pressure systems:Venoous Valves
Capillary beds are supplied by what vessels?Arterioles
Capillary beds are drained by what vessels?Venules
What two events occurring within the body that aid in venous return?Skeletal muscle activity and breathing (respiratory pump)
Which vessel has only one layer of endothelium?Capillary
What vessel has a thick media and a small lumen?Artery
What vessel has a thin media, elongated semicolapsed lumen, with valves?Veins
What are the three layers of the main vessels?Tunica Intema, Tuntica Media and Tunica Externa
What is another name for the Tunica Externa?Adventitia
What vessel layer provides a smootoh surface to decrease resistance to blood flow?Tunica Intima
What is the only layer of vessels that play an active role in blood pressure regulation?Tunica Media

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