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Korean War

"The Forgotten War"another name for the Korean War
Korea was our first _____ warlimited
Feb 1945Yalta Conference
At the Yalta confernce..Stalin agreed to enter the war against Japan
Pacific Theaterthe war between the US and Japan during WWII
US took over _____ KoreaSouth
USSR took over _____ KoreaNorth
1949US withdraws from S. Korea
Who invaded SK first?North Korean Communists
June 1950invasion of SK by NK
15nations under the UN flag fighting the NKs
Has the Korean War officially ended?no
July 1953armistice is signed
1950-1953Korean War
1953 US presidentEisenhower
President who fired MacArthurTruman
When did Stalin enter the war against Japanafter US dropped atomic bomb on Hiroshima
Where and when did MacArthur attack the commies from behind?Inchon port, Sept 1950
What did MacArthur want to do?nuke Shanghai and Beijing
Whose side did China enter the war on?Communist NK
Where and when did China enter the war?Yalu River, Oct 1950
North Korea and South Korea are divided on..the 38th parallel
1953 in the USEisenhower becomes President
1953 in the USSRStalin dies
What do the new leaders after Stalin want?the war to end; peace talks ensue
total of about ____ died5 million
the majority of UN troops sent to help the situation were ___American
Why was MacArthur fired?He publicly criticized the President

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