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Geography Terms 1 (map skills)

latitudedistance north or south from the equator
longitudedistance east or west of the prime meridian
prime meridiana longitude of 0°
equatora latitude of 0°
Tropic of Capricornparallel at approximately 23 1/2 ° S of the equator
Tropic of Cancerparallel at approximately 23 1/2 ° N of the equator
Arctic Circleparallel of latitude approximately 66°33' north
Antarctic Circleparallel at approximately 66°33' south
legend, keya table on a map, chart, or the like, listing and explaining the symbols used
scalethe relationship between actual distance and distance shown on a map
compass roseA picture on a map that shows the 4 Cardinal directions and the 4 intermediate directions
cardinal directionsnorth, south, east, and west
intermediate directionsnorthwest, southeast for example
cartographera person who makes maps
political mapmap that uses color, national and state boundaries, and cities
physical mapmap that shows elevations, landforms, and waterways

7th Grade World Geography and Literature
Robert E. Ellis Middle School

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