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58C: Vocab

Memorize these * and other important words from pg, 46-47

perfero, -ferre, -tuli, -latusto carry through, deliver
augeo,-ere, auxi, auctusto increase, magnify
invidia,-aeill-will, resentment, hatred
ostendo,-ere, ostendi, ostentusto show, point out
idem, eadem, idemthe same
vulgus,-i Nrabble, mob,
rostra,-rostrorumrostra, speaker's platform
contio, contionispublic assembly
studeo,-ere, studuibe eager for (+dat)
ignis, ignisfire
flagro,-are, -avi,-atusto burn, blaze up
itemlikewise, in the same way
iungo,-ere, iunxi, iunctusto join, connect
hortor,-ari, hortatus sumto urge, encourage, entice
luctus,-usgrief, mourning
infimus,a,umlowest, most vile, cheapest
genus,generiskind, sort, type
complures, -ummany, several

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