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ambiguousopen to many interpretations; unclear
transmitto send ideas or news from one place to another
controversydispute; disagreement
delineateto depict; to portray
describeto give an account of; to tell about in detail
discrepancyinconsistency; disagreement among facts or claims
disparageto belittle; to put down
documentto support statements with written references
editorialan article or letter in a publication expressing an opinion or position
encloseot insert in the smae envelope or package with the main contents
gazettea newspaper
guidanceadvice, direction
hypotheticalbased on assumptions or speculation
ironichaving to do with an inconsistency between what is expected and what occurs
objectiveimpartial; uninfluenced by emotions or prejudice
requestto ask for
scribbleto write hurriedly or carelessly
shorthanda system of writing using symbols to represent letters and words
biasednot neutral; prejudiced

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