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Publisher Words and Definitions

Clip ArtReady to use artwork
pubThe 3 letter extention for Publishser files
Clip OrganizerDisplays and manages the clip art images
Aspect RatioThe ratio of width to height
Pictureterm for artwork, photographs, drawings, cartoons, and other graphics
SquareText wrapping around the rectangular frame of the other object
TightText wraps around the object inside the frame
ThroughText runs through the object frame but wraps around certain parts of the object
Top & BottomText wraps around the top and bottom of the object but not the sides
NoneText does not wrap around the frame
AutoshapesAny variety of shapes that Publisher provides
3-DAn object that appears to have depth as well as height and width
Grouplinks multiple objects
Ungroupto reverse a "group" operation
Even heightupper and lower case letters are the same height
Vertical TextText running vertically but letters appear normal
Free rotateTo rotate an object by a precise amount
NudgeTo move an object in one direction by a precise amount
ObjectAnything that appears in a publication
EmbeddingA method of maintaining a connection to a foreign object in Publisher
LinkThe connection between a copy of an object and its original source
Microsoft Publisher CatalogA window that list all the templates tha come with Publisher
Personal InformationStored information about you, your job and company
Placeholdersample text or graphics that Publisher provides in a particular template
symbolsAny character that is not a letter or number, and usually are not on the keyboard
Importto bring something in from another program or format
drop capa capital letter at the beginning of a paragraph, that is much larger that surrounding letters
opaqueUnable to see through;
Hailinea very thin borde
LeaderA repeated character appearing between text and the next tab stop that helps the eye follow the text
Justified texttext streteched out with exta spacing so that all lines are align evenly
Format PainterA feature that enables you to copy the formating form existing text and "paint "it onto other text
Stylea set of predefined formatting specifications that can apply to certain text.
color schemea set of colors pre-chosen to work well together in a publication
Layoutthe arrangement of placeholder elements on the page
design checkera feature that proofreads your layout to help you find layout problems
design GalleryA collection of pre-designed objects you can place in your publication
embeddinga method of maintaining a connection between a foriegn object in Publisher, and the program that created it
tear-offa special element designed to be torn or removed from a flyer
RGBStands for Red-Green-Blue, a type of color process
CMYKStands for Cyan-Maroon-Yellow-Black, a type of color process
MIDIMusical Instrument Digital Interface used to record music from computer

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