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Most of the common -er, -ir, -re verbs

A review of the overall verbs that are common

accompagnerto accompany
aiderto help
aimerto like, love
apporterto bring
arriver to arrive
casserto break
causerto char
chanterto sing
chercher to look for
compterto count, intend
couperto cut
danser to dance
demanderto ask for
demeurerto live
donner to give
emprunterto borrow
entrer (dans)to enter
expliquerto explain
fermerto close
gagnerto win, earn
garder to keep
gronder to scold
habiter to live in
inviterto invite
jouer to play
laisser to leave (things)
laver to wash
marcherto walk, go
monter to go (come) up
montrer to show
parler to speak, talk
passer to pass, send (time)
penser to think
pleurer to cry
porter to carry, wear
quitter to leave (personsa dn places)
raconter to relate, tell
ramasser to pick up , collect
regarderto look (at)
remarquerto notice
enseignerto teach
recontrerto meet
rester to remain, stay
sonnerto ring
tomberto fall
travailler to work
traverserto cross
trouverto find
agirto act
choisirto choose
finirto finish
nourrirto feed
punir to punish
remplirto fill
rougir to blush
saisirto seize
attendre to wait (for)
descendreto go (come) down
entendre to hear
interrompre to interrupt
perdreto lose
rendreto give back, return
rompreto break
vendreto sell

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