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Cell Organelles

Cell membrane is composed oflipid bilayer and proteins
Cell wall is composed ofcellulose, lignin, and pectin
Cell membrane's function is tocontrol what enters and exits the cell
Cell wall's function is tosupport and protect the cell
Nucleus is composed ofnucleolus and genetic material(chromosomes)
Nucleus's function is tocontrol or direct the cell's activities
cytoplasm's function is tohold organelle that produce energy, store energy, and produce molecules for cell use or export
cytoplasm is composed ofa jelly-like material; mostly water
mitochondria is composed ofan outer membrane and inner membrane that is folded in layers to increase surface area
mitochondria's function is toconvert the energy stored in glucose to ATP( a form of energy the cell can readily use)
chloroplast is composed ofmembranes that contain chlorophyll
chloroplast's function is toconvert the sun's energy (sunlight) into glucose
nucleolus is composed ofprotein and RNA
nucleolus' function is toproduce ribosomes
chromosomes are composed ofprotein and DNA
chromosome's function is tostore the genetic information
leukoplasts are composed ofstarch and starch granules
leukoplast's function is tostore starch
chromoplasts are composed ofpigment molecules
chromoplast's function is tostore pigment molecules
lysosomes are composed ofdigestive enzymes enclosed in a membrane
smooth endoplasmic reticulum is composed offolded membranes without ribosomes
lysosome's function is todigest worn out cell organelles and other wastes
smooth endoplasmic reticulum's function is toaid in the synthesis of lipids and store and transport molecules throughout the cell
golgi apparatus is composed ofstacks of membranes
Golgi apparatus' function is topackage, store, modify and transport molecules (proteins)
vacuoles are composed ofmembranes containing water, salt, carbohydrates and proteins
vacuole's function is tostore water, salt, carbohydrates, and proteins for later cell use
ribosomes are composed ofproteins and rRNA
rough endoplasmic reticulum is composed of folded membranes with ribosomes
rough endoplasmic reticulum's function is totransport proteins throughout the cell
ribosome's function is to serve as the site of protein synthesis
ProkaryoteA word used to describe a cell without a nucleus or membrane-bound organelles
Prokaryote example(s)bacteria
EukaryoteA word used to describe a cell that has a nucleus and membrane-bound organelles
Eukaryote example(s)plant cells and animal cells
Plant cells differ from animal cells in that plant cells havecell wall and chloroplasts
animal cell are different than plant cell in that animal cells havecentrioles
cytoskeletonmade up of microtubules and microfilaments
micrtubuleshollow tubes of protein
microfilamentsprotein fibers
ciliasmall hair-like microtubules use in cell movement
flagellalong tail-like structures make of microtubules used in cell movement
cytoplasmic streamingtype of cell movement that involves micrfilament moving the cytoplasm of a cell

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