Java Games: Flashcards, matching, concentration, and word search.

Lesson 1 11th grade


appellationa name or title that distinguishes or identifies
diphthonga speech sound that consists of either two vowels or a vowel and a semi vowel contained in a single syllable
eponyma person for whom something is or is thought to be named
linguisticsthe study of human speech, especially its components, structure, and nature and how it changes
neologisma newly made up word, phrase, or expression
parlancea particular manner or kind of speech
patoisa dialect other than is standard of a language; a distintive language of a special group
polyglotconsisting of many groups speaking many languages
solecismthe ungrammatical usage of a word or construction of a sentence
vulgarspoken or used by the common people; lacking taste or delicacy; conspicuous or excessive

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