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Science Unit D Chap 2 Rocks and the Rock Cycle

rock cycleA process by which rocks are formed from one another
erosionthe movement or transportation of sediment to a new location
igneous rocka rock formed when magma or lava cools and hardens
mineralba natural, solid substance that has a definite chemical composition and physical structure
magmasmelted rock within the Earth
lavaMagma that reaches the Earth's surface
weatheringthe process of breaking rock into smaller pieces
chemical rockOne of a group of sedimentary rocks that is made from water minerals that were dissolved in water, came out of solution, and were then deposited
clastic rockone of a group of sedimentary rocks that is made of sediments that were weathered transported, and deposited in layers
metamorphismthe process by which any kind of rock is changed into metamorphic rock
sedimentationthe process of building up layers of sediment over millions of years
cementationthe gluing together of particles of sediment
depositionthe dropping of sediment from wind or water that slows down, or from ice that melts

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