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Exam Two Review

Devianceviolation of cultural norms
Stigmanegative social label
Organized crimesupplying illegal goods or services
Hate crimecriminal act motivated by race or other bias
Retribututionsuffering comparable to caused offense
Wealthtotal amount of money and assets, minus outstanding debts
Sexismbelief that one sex is innately superior to another
Minoritycategory characterized by physical or cultural differences
Racismbelief that one racial category is superior or inferior to another
Scapegoatperson whom people unfairly blame for their own troubles
Discriminationtreating various categories of people unequally
Genocidesystematic killing of one category of people by another
Segregationphysical and social separation of categories of people
Durkheim"nothing abnormal about deviance"
Davis-Moore thesisassertion that social stratification has beneficial consequences for the operations of a society
Max Weberclass, status, power
George Murdocksurveys about which tasks are feminine and which are masculine
Margaret MeadDetermined that gender varies across cultures

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