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La Salle de Classe

Students will practice French vocabulary pertaining to the classroom.

the ballpoint penle bille
the teacher's deskle bureau
the notebookle cahier
the workbookle cahier d'exercices
the calculatorla calculatrice
the book bagle cartable
the mapla carte
the chairla chaise
the garbage canla corbeille
the chalkla craie
the piece of chalkle morceau de craie
the pencille crayon
the flagle drapeau
the screenl'écran
the (board) eraserl'effaceur
the studentl'élève
the windowla fenêtre
the (pencil) eraserla gomme
the clockl'horloge
the bookle livre
the tape recorderle magnétophone
the wallle mur
the computerl'ordinateur
the paperle papier
the piece of paperla feuille de papier
the ceilingle plafond
the floorle plancher
the doorla porte
the wastebasketla poubelle
the teacherle/la professeur
the student's deskle pupitre
the rowle rang
the rulerla règle
the backpackle sac à dos
the penle stylo
the tablela table
the painting, picturele tableau
the blackboardle tableau noir
the pencil sharpenerle taille-crayon
the classroomla salle de classe


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