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Network 1 Section 4

Network 1, section 4, book 1

What term would you use to instruct someone to press the mouse button once?Click
What term describes moving the mouse while pressing the button?Dragging
What is the graphical representation of a program called?Icon
What is the function of a Windows menu bar?To provide commands fro a specific application
Where is the Windows help feature located by default?On the Start menu
You want to close a window. Where do you click to accomplish this?On the button with an "X"
You want to temporarily close a window, but you want the program to continue to run on the task bar. What should you do to accomplish this?Click on the button with a "-"
When resizing a window, how do you know when the mouse cursor is positioned properly?The cursor changes to a double-headed arrow
How do your resize a window's horizontal and vertical sides simultaneously?Drag a corner instead of each side

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