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Middle Ages

Chapter Review

knightarmored horseman
squireknight's servant
pagewaited on a lord
serfworked the noble's land
feudalismsystem of loyalties/protections
vassalserved a lord for land
fiefland given to a vassal
chivalryrules followed by knights
cathedrallarge church
Chartrescity in Paris
clergyreligious workers
conventcommunity in which nuns live
Gothicarchitecture with pointed arches
monasterycommunity in which monks live
monkmale religious worker
nunfemale religious worker
Romanesquearchitecture with rounded arches and vaults
Pariscapital of France
parchmentpaperlike material made from sheepskin
apprenticelearns a trade from a master
charterdocument granting sel-government
Flandersformerly a small country
guildgroup guildgroups of merchants and craft workers
journeymanlearns advance skills while working a trade
King Johnforced to sign Magna Carta
Magna Cartadocument limiting King's power
masterone who has learned a trade
nation-statecountry with a strong ceentral government
plagueBlack Death (sickness)
CharlemagneCharles the Great
chieftainleader of a tribe
crusaderChristian soldier who fought for the Holy Lands
Crusadeswars fought to capture the Holy Lands
Germanic tribesfrom area in or near present day Germany
Holy roman Empireancient empire in central Europe
Middle Agesperiod of history A.D.500 - 1500
plundergoods taken by force
Popeleader of the Roman Catholic Church
scholarlearned person
shrineholy place
Turkscaptured Arab Empire
Vikingswarriors from Norway, Sweden and Denmark
Pope Urban IIurged people to take back the Holy Lands
Pope Leo IIIcrowned Charlemagne head of Holy Roman Empire

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