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Computer History

The first computer to the fifth generation.

abacusearly computer that uses beads on a wire to represent figures.
Difference Enginesteam powered machine, used to calculate mathmatical tables
Analytical EngineHad an IPOS process
ENIACfirst large-scale electronic digital computer
stored-program conceptprogram should be stored in the memory with the data
vaccum tubesprovided memory, controlled electron flow by creating a vaccum
general purpose computerused for scientific or business purposes
Machine languagecomposed of numbers 0,and 1
instruction setlist of operations that are disigned to be carried out
transistorSecond vaccum tubes used to control the flow of electricity in an electronic circuit, but with less heat
high-level languageenables programmer to write program instructions using english sounding commands
compatible computerscomputers that could use the same programs and peripherals
batch processingtechnique in which the users punchcard is given to computer operators, who would run the program for them
terminalscontrol devices equipped with a video display and keyboard
microprocessorchip holds the entire control unit and arithmetic logic unit of a computer
artificial intelligencecomputers exhibit some characteristics of human intelligience

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