Java Games: Flashcards, matching, concentration, and word search.

becameto come to, become
complainingto express grief, pain, or discontent
portrayto make a picture of
-needle a slender bar of magnetized steel that when allowed to turn freely (as in a compass) indicates the direction of a magnetic field (as of the earth) b : a slender usually sharp-pointed indicator on a dial
-agreementan arrangement as to a course of action
believeTo think something is true
ceilingThe top of a structure
receiveaccept something
routineTo get in the habit of
inflateTo make bigger
acquaintancepersonal knowledge
seesawMove up and down on such a plank
creatureAn animal
fleeceA coat that covers an animal
griefHeavy sorrow
leisureTime of from required work
proteinA substance that contains nitrogen
meanwhileIn the meantime

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