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Unit 5 Group A

addendum(n.)an addition or supplement designed to increase correctness, completeness, or currency
amnesty(n.) a general pardon for an offense against a government; in general, any act of forgiveness
autonomy(n.) self-government, political control
axiomatic(adj.) self-evident, expressing a universally accepted principle or rule
blazon(v.) to adorn or embellish; to display conspicuously; to publish or proclaim widely
caveat(n.) a warning or caution to prevent misunderstanding or discourage behavior
equitable(adj.) fair, just, embodying principles of justice
extricate(v.) to free from entanglements or difficulties; remove with effort
filch(v.) to steal, especially in a sneaky way and in petty amounts
flout(v.) to mock, treat with contempt
fractious(adj.) tending to be troublesome; unruly, quarrelsome, contrary; unpredictable

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