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Ecce Romani Ch 36-37 Vocabualary

pridieon the day before
adulescensadulescentis m. young man
moratus esthe has stayed
regressus esthe has returned
proficisceturhe will set put
saneof course
qui homineswhich men
secuti suntthey followed
conatus esthe tried
qou celeriusthe faster
tristis-is, -e sad
sisif you wish
Persuadeopersuadere, persuasi, persuasus to make something
ludus-i, m. school
proficiscito set out
vereorI am afraid
grammaticus-i m. Secondary School Teacher
experiturhe tests
loquerisyou are talking
paedagogus-i m. tutor
ingressus esthe entered
eruditus-a, -um learned
utilis-is, -e useful
egressi suntthey went out
profecti suntthey sent out
pistrinum-i n. backery
castigo-are, -avi, -atus to rebuke
praeferopraeferre, pratuli, praelatus to carry X in front of Y
etiamsieven if
ad tempuson time
scriblita-ae f. tart
paulum-i n, a little
ientaculum-a, n. breakfast
loquunturthey talk

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