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"Moly Pitcher"Mary Ludwig Hays McCawley
"Moly Pitcher"took her husband's place behind the cannon at the Battle of Mon mouth when he was overcome by heat
John Hancockprominent merchant who led the Boston radicals in the Boston Tea Party on Dec. 16, 1773
John Hancockhead of the Boston Committee of Safety and called out minute men at the sign of further British provocation
John Dickinsonduring imperial crisis of 1763-1776 he published letters that indicated British policies in name of fundamental political principles
John DickinsonLetter From a Famer in PA attacked on teh Townshen duties
John Lockesaid society was based on an agreement between ruler and ruled to preserve the natural rights of man inherent in the order of the universe - "social contract"
Charles TownshendGrenville's successor; got Parliament to suspend New York legislature
Charles Townshendmade Revenue Act in 1767
Charles Townshendallowed courts to search private property
James OtisAn attorney who was hired in 1760 by Boston traders to argue the legality of the writs.
James Otisdenounced the writs
George IIIin 1761 was the new king in England at end of French/Indian War
George IIIreplaced William Pitt with Lord Bute and other Tory advisors who were more friendly to royal power
William Pittin 1757 he took over the management of the war, gave British victories that changed the course of history
William Pittresigned in 1761, and imposed a 'requisition" to get England out of dept
George Washingtonwas sent by Governor Robert Dinwaddle to warn the French to leave and mission failed
George Washingtonin 1753 her returned and lost to French and took them prisioners and then released; in 1755 he was defeated
George GrenvilleTreasurer of new England, a Tory who supported the crown against Parliament
George Grenvillefelt tighter administration of Americans were needed
Patrick Henryleader of House of Burgesses in VA; boldly resoved that Americans had all rights of Englishmen and only their legis. could tax them
Patrick Henryactions electrified Americans and other colonial assemblies quickly joined the House of Burgesses in attacking the act
Ben Franklinsaid Americans double in numbers every 25 years
Ben Franklinin 1775 Congress adopted a proposal made by him for a political union of all the continental colonies (failed)
Samuel Adamsa political firebrand; thought British rule in America was selfish and in 1747 he formed a political discussion group (Caucus Club)
Samuel Adamsin 1756 he became Boston's tax collector; elected to General Court untill 1774
Paul Reverewas sent with William Dawes to warn Hancock and Adams of redcoats and on April 16,1775 he found 70 minute men waiting for him
Benedict Arnoldjoined American forces in French/Indian War; in 1764 he led mobs against Sugar Act and went to Lexington to attack...
Charles Cornwallisdefeated in 1776 by the Patriots in the Carolinas - The beginning for Patroits

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