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Classical Conditioning

Learn the terms associated with classical conditioning

stimulusanything that produces a response in human or animal.
responsethe reaction of the human or animal
conditioninganother term for learning.
classical conditioninga neutral stimulus is paired with an unconditioned stimulus, causing a response.
Ivan PavlovRussian scientist who "discovered" classical conditioning.
What Pavlov was really researching.The nervous system and digestion.
Unconditioned StimulusIn Pavlov's experiment it was FOOD
Unconditioned ResponseDrooling/Salivation
Conditioned StimulusIn Pavlov's experiment it was the BELL.
Conditioned ResponseSalivation AFTER the bell.
extinctionOccurs when the UCS and CS are no longer associated.
spontaneous recoveryRevival of an extinguished response.
GeneralizationResponding to stimuli that are similar.
DiscriminationResponding differently to stimuli that are NOT similar.
FloodingA person is exposed to a harmless stimulus until it no longer causes a response.
Systematic DesensitizationHelps people overcome fears by using exposure and relaxation.
CounterconditioningPairing a pleasant stimulus with one that causes fear.
Mary Cover JonesIntroduced the use of counterconditioning.
John Watsonmade little Albert afraid of the rat.
Bell Pad MethodA conditioning technique that helps people to overcome bedwetting.

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