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Give Me Some Energy

Energy concepts for middle school physical science

EnergyThe ability to do work
Mechanical EnergyEnergy associated with motion
Heat EnergyEnergy associated with the internal movement of atoms
Chemical EnergyEnergy that is required to bond atoms together
Electromagnetic EnergyEnergy associated with moving electric charges
Nuclear EnergyEnergy associated with nucleus being split on an atom
Kinetic EnergyThe broad category involving energy of motion - opposite of Potential energy
Potential EnergyEnergy of position - opposite of Kinetic energy
Gravitational Potential EnergyPotential energy that is dependent upon height
Law of Conservation of EnergyEnergy can neither be created or destroyed by ordinary means
HeatA form on energy caused by the internal motion of molecules of matter
Heat TransferThe movement of heat from a warmer object to a cooler one
ConductionWhen heat is transferred through a substance, or from one substance to another, by the direct contact of molecules
ConductorSubstances that conduct heat rapidly
InsulatorSubstances that do not conduct heat easily
ConvectionHeat transfer which takes place in liquids and gases
RadiationHeat energy which is transferred through empty space
TemperatureA measure of the average kinetic energy of molecules
ThermometerTool in science used to measure temperature
Temperature ScalesCelcius, Kelvin, and Fahrenheit
Absolute Zero0degrees on the Kelvin Scale
CalorieThe unit in which heat is measured
Specific HeatThe ability of a substance to absorb heat energy
Heat of fusionThe amount of heat needed to change 1 gram of a substance from the solid phase to the liquid phase
Heat of vaporizationThe amount of heat needed to change 1 gram of substance from the liquid phase to the gas phase
Thermal ExpansionThe increase of size of a substance caused by heat
ThermostatDevice that is used to control temperature
Bimetallic stripThe switch in a thermostat

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