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Partial two coputer class

This has questions about computers.

IPX 32-bitProtocol for the Novell network client of telefonic acces adaptator, it allows you to conetct to network servers runing IPX
NDISWANMicrosoft Virtual Private Net adapter
Compatible Protocol with IPX/SPXIs a protocol that uses the servers and windows NT, net Wave and the Windows 95 to comunicate
NDISWANIt is used as a telephonic accses to the net to dispositives ISDN (RDSI)
TCP/IPIt is used to connetct to the internet and to a wide area net (WAN)
Novell Netware ClientEnables you to connect to Netware servers and uses the files and printers shared on them
Similar to Novell Netware ClientMicrosoft Network for Clients
Telephone networ acces adaptatorIt lets you connect to PPP and RAS and to servers called netware, it conects using a modem or a dispositive ISDN
Private network virtual adapter of MicrosoftIt allows your PC to connect to private nets through public nets like internet
Toshiba Port FIR type 0This controller of miniport NDIS is installed as an adapter of the net and bond to the Fast IR protocol
Fast Infra Red protocolAllows the comunication through a controler of infrared miniport NDIS 4.0
What is a local printer?A printer installed in your computer
What is a network printer?A printer installed in a network
How do you add a new user?You go to control panel, then Users and click on Add new user
How do you change the mouse settings?You go to control panel, then to Mouse and there are all the settings.
How can you open the explorer fast?The windows key plus E
How can you open the search window fast?The windows key plus F
Wich is the short way to copy?Ctrl + C
Wich is the short way to paste?Ctrl + V
Wich is the short way to cut?Ctrl + X
To what file is windows registry similar in Win 3.1?win.ini
What does the windows registry do?It tells windows the configuration of your system.
What you should do before editing the registry?Back up the registry files.


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