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learn the "human Body", cells to systems

fetus (feet-us)a young mammel after fertalization of the egg but before birth
hormones (hoor-moans)substances produced by certain glands in the body. these substances are circulated in the blood.
menopause (men-uh-paws)the time in a womans life when menstration stops.
menstration (men-stra-shun)the monthly shedding of blood because an egg has not been fertalized
neurons (noor-ons)cells through out the body that send signals to and from the brain.
organ (oar-gun)body tissues that form a working unit, such as a heart or a kidney
ovaries (o-vuh-rees)the female organs that make egg cells and hormones
puberty (pyoo-berr-tee)the time in life when the reproductive organs develop
system (sis-tem)a group of organs working together
tendons (ten-duns)tough bands of tissue that hold the muscles to the bone
testes (test-ees)the male organ that makes sperm cells and hormones
tissue (tish- shoe)a group of cells that all do the same job
uterus (you-ter-us)the female organ in whitch a fertal;ized egg developes into a baby

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