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The Scholarship Jacket

Vocab review

valedictorianstudent with the best grades who gives the farewell speech at graduation
scholarshipshowing knowledge gained through study
graffitidrawings or writings scratched or scribbled, usually on a wall
coincidencetwo things that occur by chance at the same time
mesquitea common tree or shrub of the pea family found in the southwestern U.S. and Mexico
expectationanticipation; something expected
gauntthin and bony, with hollow eyes
adrenalinea body chemical that speeds up the heartbeat and increases energy
agilemoving quickly and easily
Why were the teachers arguing?They disagreed about who should receive the scholarship jacket.
Why did Mr. Boone believe Joann should receive the jacket?Her father owned the only store in town and was on the Board.
Where was Marta's grandfather when she got home from school?He was working in the bean field.
What was the principal's response to Grandfather's refusal to pay for the jacket?He decided Marta would get the jacket.
In "Translating Grandfather's House," what does the teacher think the narrator's grandfather's house should look like?a housing project in NYC

Mlle Prestidge

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