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1) Civ Reading Vocab

talon(n) the claw of a bird
abaomination(n) something that is hateful or disgusting
dirge(n) a sad song expressing greif or mourning
deluge(n) a great flood
ensnare(v) to catch in a snare; to trap
vanquish(v) to conquor; to defeat
jubilant(adj) joyful; elated
zenith(n) the highest point
annihilate(v) to destroy completely
monolith(n) freestanding stone
cromlech(n) ring of monoliths
cupability(n) blame; resposponsibility
discreet(adj) careful about what one says or does; prudent
belittle(v) speak slightly of; show disrespect of
appropriate(v) to take improperly or without permission
rapacious(adj) greedy
transgress(v) to overstep and break a law/commandment
transgresion(n) breach of law or duty
perjury(w) willful lying under oath
profane(adj) showing disrespect for sacred things
bugile(v) to decieve; to delude
bulwark(n) wall used as fortification; something that defends or safeguards
dominion(n) control or power over
steadfast(adj) steady; uncanny; unwavering
pervert(v) to corrupt; misuse
purge(v) to puriy; clense
multitude(n) large number of persons/things, considered a unit
iniquity(n) a wicked or unjust act
subjugate(v) to vring under control; to control
subjugation(n) the state of being under control
adversary(n) enemy; opponet
booty(n) spoils of war; loot taken from enemy
tribute(n) money paid to a ruler or nation as acknowledgement of subjunctions
debauchery(n) moral corruption
allure(n) power to tempt; entice
connubial(adj) having to do with marriage; state of marriage
impregnable(adj) unable to be captured/pregnated
truncated(adj) shortened; cut off
insolent(adj) arrogant; rude
ineptitude(n) the quality of being clumsy
scurrilous(adj) using vulgar, coarse, indecent vocab
ominous(adj) haveing the characteristics of an evil omen; threatening
morbid (morbiditny-state of)(adj) gruesome, grisly, horrible, suggustive of disease or death *a--costume
misogyny(n) hatred of women
mysogynist(n) one who hates women
misanthrope(n) one who hates mankind *The hermit became a misanthrope after a fatal accident.
magnamious(adj) generous; nobel in conduct; not petty *--personality
parable(n) story told to illustrate a moral truth
chastise(v) to critisize severly
empiricism (emperical)(n) knowledge attainable only through direct observation/experimence *--evidence,
hubris(n) arrogance; insolent pride
subservent(adj) Subordinate; servile
subservience(n)state of being servile
secular(adj) of or relating to worldly things as opposed to things related to church,religion
adamant(adj) firm in purpose/opinion; unyeilding *--views
insurrection(n) rebellion; revolt; act of open revolt v. civil authority *bloody
rebuke(v) critisize sharply; reprimand; sharp critisizm
avarice(n) extreme desire to amass wealth *--alienated
avaricious(adj) extremely fond of ammassing wealth *--king


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