Java Games: Flashcards, matching, concentration, and word search.

Milepost 31

Match the word to the meaning

wristthe joint where the hand and arm meet
wrinkleswhat you would iron out of your clothes
sworda weapon
wrotewhat you did with pen and paper
wrencha tool
answerwhat you give for a question
knoba handle for a door
knifesomething used to cut things
knucklespart of your finger
kneethe joint that allows your leg to bend
knighta person wearing armor who helps the king
knowmeans you have knowledge of something
writewhat you would do with a pen and paper
knapsacka bag used in camping
wholemeans all
wreckmeans to destroy
knockwhat you do on a door to let someone know you are there
wrena kind of bird
wrapto cover with paper and tie with string
wreatha kind of Christmas decoration


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