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The Dawn of Civilization

Vocabulary (23 words)

agricultureworking the land in order to grow particular things on it
The Biblea collection of religious writings
city-statesindependent political unites that controlled areas of surrounding farmland
civilizationcomplex societies
classgroup of people who make about the same amount of money and hold the same social position in society
covenanta solemn agreement
cuneiformwedge-shaped writing
Diasporathe scattering of Jews around the world
domesticationthe taming and raising of wild animals
empirea state in which a single ruler controls several kingdoms or territories
Homo sapienspeople with the same skull structure and other physical characteristics that we have today
hunter-gathererpeople who lived off wild game and any plants, fish, fruit, seeds, and honey that they could find
irrigationsupplying water to the land through a system of canals or ditches
monotheismthe worship of one all-powerful god
nomada person who moves from place to place in search of food and water
polytheisticpeople who worshipped many gods
prehistoricbefore history was written down
rabbia religious scholar or leader in the Jewish faith
siltfine particles of soil
specialization of labora system in which people became skilled at specific jobs that helped the entire community
surplusan amount or quantity beyond what is needed for immediate use
synagoguea place for worship and study in the Jewish faith
ziggurathuge pyramid-shaped temple of ancient Mesopotamia

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