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overly ready to serve; obligingofficious
commonly practiced, used, or observedcustomary
intrepidly daring; boldaudacious
to secure by or as if by bonds; confineconstrain
intestines; gutsbowels
being or exhibiting an omen; portentousominous
believed to be possibleplausible
to abstain from foodfast
casual; indifferentnonchalant
a declaration; acknowledgmentavowal
covered with blotchesmottled
to clense; rid of impuritypurify
spells or spoken charms as part of magicincantation
self-assurance; ease of mannerpoise
to bark with prolonged tonesbay
the state of being dedicated; loyaldevotion
a sudden attack of nauseaqualm
showy in dress or bearing; statelygallant
to speak with pride; bragboast

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