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To kill a Mockingbird: Characters

ScoutNarrator and main character, Daughter of Atticus Finch. She is very smart and a tomboy.She believes that all people are good in the beginning of the book but that changes towards the end.
Atticus FinchScout and Jem's father. Lawyer for Tom Robinson, he is one of the few in Maycomb committed to racial equality. Exposed himself and family to the anger of the white community.
JemSon of Atticus, playmate of scout he is changed deeply throughout the trial.
Boo RadleyA recluse whe dominates the imaginations of the Finch childrenHe provides presents for the children in the tree and saves them from Bob Ewell
Charles Baker Harris"Dill" The Finch's summer neighbor. Becomes fascinated with Boo Radley.
Miss Maudie AtkinsonThe Finch's neighbor. Sharp tounged and is one of the Finch's closest friends, she too believes in equality.
CalpurniaThe Finch's Black cook, Takes the children to her church and is like a mother to the children.
Aunt AlexandraAtticus's sister, holds status and family history in high regard. She doesn't approve of Scout's actions "Tomboy".
Bob EwellA drunk, Maycomb's lowest class. His Knowlingly wrongful accusation of Tom Robinson for the rape of his daughter
Mayella EwellBob ewell's abused daughter who assists in the indictment of Tom Robinson
Tom RobinsonThe Black Fieldhand accused of rape, he is a "Mockingbird"
Link DeasTom's Employer who speaks up for tom and looks past race and praises Tom
Mrs DuboseA racist ill-tempered woman that lives near the finches. Admired by atticus for battling her morphine addiction
Nathan RadleyBoo's older brother. He is responsible for covering up the knothole of which boo communicates to the children.
Heck TateThe sheriff and witness at the trial.
Mr. UnderwoodPublisher odf Maycomb's newspaper likes Attius and writes favorable newspaper articles.
Mr. Dolphu RaymondA wealthy white man who lives with his black mistress and children. He pretends to be a drunk so that people will have an explanation for his behavior.
Mr. Walter CunninghamA poor farmer who leads the mob to lynch Tom. Scout's politeness compells him to disband the mob.
Walter CunninghamSon of Mr. Walter and has dinner at Finch's

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