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Review 28-33 Third and Fourth Declension Nouns

This activity includes tested and untested vocabulary (see Vocabulary for Review sheet).

adstantes, adstantium, m plbystanders
caro, carnis, f.meat, flesh
crines, crinium, m.
finis, finis (gen pl. finium), m.end
glis, gliris, (gen. pl. glirium), m.dormouse
gustatio, gustationis, f.first course, hors d'oeuvre
holus, holeris, n.vegetable
ignis, ignis, (gen. pl. ignium),
infans, infantis, m/f.infant, young child
lepus, leporis, m.hare, rabbit
panis, panis, (gen. pl. panium), m.bread
paries, parietis, m.wall (of a house or room)
pecus, pecoris, n.livestock, sheep, cattle
sanguis, sanguinis, m.blood
vestis, vestis, (gen. pl. vestium), fclothing, garment
vis, (acc. vim, abl., vi), f.force, amount
versus, versu's, m.verse, line (of poetry)

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