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Body Movements

See page 86-87 lab manual

Abductionmovement away from midline EX: extremities, deltoid
Adductionmovement towards midline EX: extremities
DepressionLowering in the Inferior Direction EX: diaphram
ElevationRaising in the Superior Direction EX: diaphram, mandible, pectorial girdle-trompeziazes
Eversionfoot movement away from midline EX: sole of foot turned outward "Duck walk"
Extensionincreasing angle, opening angle, EX: straightening of arm from a flexed position, When extension goes to far "Hyperextension" occurs EX: Leaning backwards
Flexiondecreasing angle, closing angle EX: Antibrachium moved toward Brachium, head agaisnt chest, thigh against abdomen
Dorsiflexionupward foot movement
Plantar Flexiondownward foot movement if extend to far "Hyperflexion" occurs
Inversionfoot movement inward or towards midline EX: sole of foot turned inward "pigeon toed"
Pronationpalms of hands returned downward EX: The return of rotation of the antibrachium at the elbow
RotationMovement about an axis EX: head
Medial RotationMovement inward medially EX: thumb or big toe
Lateral RotationMovement outward or lateral EX: thumb or big toe
Supinationpalms of hands turned upward EX: rotation of the antibrachium at the elbow
Sphincter Actionopenings close as muscle fibers contract EX: Sphincter Muscles of the Eyes & Lips

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