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chapter five: anxiety disorders

NEUROSISa category which grouped together many minor mental disorders (discontinued in DSM-III)
COMORBIDITYthe coexistence or superimposition of two different disorders
AXIS IIDSM location of personality (character) disorders
PARANOIDextremely suspicious, distrustful
SCHIZOIDlack of interest in social relations
SCHIZOTYPALeccentric: cognitive and perceptual distortions
HISTRIONICexcessively attention seeking, emotionally dramatic
NARCISSISTICinflated sense of importance; craves admiration
ANTI-SOCIALexploitive; no conscience, no remorse; psychopath, sociopath
BORDERLINEimpulsive, unstable mood & interpersonal relations; self-mutilating
AVOIDANTwithdrawn, hypersensitive to criticism, fears rejection
DEPENDENTclinging and submissive
OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVEexcessively perfectionistic; overly concerned with checking, cleaning
PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVEuncooperative, negativistic
AXIS IDSM location of clinical syndromes such as depression, schizophrenia, and anxiety

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