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Tobacco: hazardous and addictive

A review of vocabulary from Chapter 14 of Holt Health.

addictivecausing a physical dependence: a person who is addicted to a drug requires that substance in order to function normally
tarsolid material in tobacco smoke that condenses into a thick liquid.
nicotinean addictive chemical found in tobacco
psychoactive substancea substance that causes a change in w a person's mood and behavior
carbon monoxidea poisonous gas released by burning tobacco
cancera disease caused by cells that have lost normal growth controls and that invade and destroy healthy tissues
chronic bronchitisan inflammation of the bronchial tubes in the lungs and the production of excessive mucus
emphysemaa disease in which the tiny air sacs of the lungs lose their elasticity
chewing tobaccoa form of smokeless tobacco that is placed between a person's cheek and gum
mainstream smokesmoke that inhaled directly into the mouth through a cigarette, pipe, or cigar
sidestream smokesmoke that enters the environment from burning tobacco
passive smokera nonsmoker who is exposed to the sidestream smoke of a cigarette. cigar, orpipe.

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