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Web Design Vocabulary

Hard DriveStores information in digital format for long term storage; information is stored in 1s and 0s (Binary)
Network Interface Card (NIC)the piece of hardware that your computer uses to talk on an ethernet network
ModemShort for Modulate/Demodulate; allows a computer which speaks in digital to speak over the phone line that speaks in analog
NetworkA group of computers connected together by some sort of medium so they can share information
Local Area Network (LAN)a group of connected computers and related hardware that are geographically close together
WANa group of connected computers and related software that are geographically dispersed and distant
Webservera computer designed to provide web pages to clients over the internet; computer is designed to be fault tolerant and configured for services as opposed to desktop work
1962Galactic Network; JCR Licklider MIT
19651st time one computer spoke to another computer
1966work was begun on ARPANET (precessor to the internet) by the dept. of defense
19691st ARPANET message from CA to MIT; Internet consisted of 4 computers (UCSB, Univ. Utah, MIT, Stanford)
1972Email invented
19801st virus his ARPANET
Mid 80'sMany federal agencies using internet because of email
19881st internet warn took down 10% of computers on internet
1995Term "internet" officially adopted no longer any government involvement


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