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Vocabulary words

Learn vocab words for week of 10/3

AustereSimple: bare:waithout frills
BanisterThe handrail of a staircase
ClosetA room or compartment for storing or hanging things
DilapidationThe condition of being run-down or in need of repairs
BoarderA person who pays a homeowner a fixed price for meals and a room.
ExclusivePrivate; restricted
ExpansionAn increase or extension
ExtinguisherA device that sprays water or chemicals to put out a fire
FabricateTo build; to assemble
FumigateTo subject to smoke, vapor, or gas to destroy pests or insects
GirderAhorizontal beam or support, usually steel or wood.
InmateA resident in a building or institution, especially a prison
MarDamage; ruin
ReconstructionThe act of building again
RenovateTo renew; to repair
TeeterTo move or sway unsteadily
VacateTo leave; to make empty
VandalA person who destroys property
VandalismThe destruction of property
VestibuleA small entrance hall; a lobby
AbstainTo refrain or resist voluntarily
AdequateSufficient or suitable
BasteTo moisten with a liquid during cooking
ConsumeTo eat or drink
ContainerAn item that holds something else; receptacle
ConvertTo change into another form or state
CulinaryHaving to do with food or cooking
DetergentA substance used to clean other objects
DiluteTo reduce the concentration or strength of
EdibleFit to be eaten
EntreeThe main course meal
EpicureanHaving to do with the pleasures of good food
FamishedExtremly hungary
FilletA boneless piece of meat or fish
GluttonousHaving to do with the pleasures of good food
ImpermeableNot permitting passage through
MasticateTo chew
ReduceTo decrease
SmockA lose outer garmet
TarnishTo discolor; to stain


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