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Aircraft Terms

Aircraft Terms for gliders

glidera plane with no engine
towone way to get up in the air
towplanea plane that tows the glider up
wingspanthe length of both wings combined
airspeed indicatorthe insterment that measures your speed
stabalizerfin that keeps plane stable
ruddercontrols yaw of plane
spoilerscuts down on lift that wings produce
thermala spot of warm rising air
pilotperson who flies the plane
towropehow the towplane and glider are connected
flight logwhere the pilot keeps track of his flights
airspeedthe speed in which you are traveling at.
variometerinsterment that tells you if you are going up or down
elevatorfin that moves up and down that controls pitch
flapsincreases lift and slows glider down
divebrakesslows plane down and decreases lift
canopythe clear gass that covers cocpit
yawthe left or right angle in which the plane is in
pitchthe up or down angle of the plane


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