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Social 9 Vocabulary Support 1

Match the word on the left with the correct definition

Basaltfine-grained Igneous Rock
ProvenanceOrigin or Source
AuthenticityConforms to Fact or Reality
CircaAt or About - used with dates
DuressUnlawful Constraint
Curator: a person who isin charge of a Museum
Pastiche: a musical work thatImitates a Previous Work
Gouta Metabolic Disease
Facade:an Artificial Appearance
Bohemian: someone wholives an unconventional life
Intaglioan Engraving
Rapport: a RelationshipMarked by Harmony
Opulence: an OstentatiousRevelation of Wealth
Ambitious: Having a Desireto Achieve a Particular Goal
Barona Nobleman
Bellflower: flowering plants ofthe genus Campanula
Deceptive: having the powerto deceive

Squamish, BC

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