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SI System

matterAnything that has mass and takes up space
massA measure of how much matter is in an object
volumeThe amount of space something takes up. Measured in volume
metersThe distance between two points. Measured in m (meters)
lengthL X H measured in square meters
denistyThe measure of how much mass of a substance is contained in a given volume
temperatureAmount of heat energy.Measured in degrees Celsius or Kelvin
timeA numerical measure of an interval Measured in Seconds (sec.)
weightA measure of the force of gravity on an object
graduated cylindertool that measures volume
water freezes at0o Celsius
water biols at100o Celsius
absolute zeroThe temperature at which all molecular motion has stopped.
pie graphare used to show parts of a whole
line graphare used to show change over time
bar graphare used to make comparisons
STANDARDan exact amount used for comparison
kiloprefix that means 1000
hectoprefix that means 100
decaprefix that means 10
deciprefix that means .1
centiprefix that means .01
millliprefix that means .001

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