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Computer Software Terms

This provides a review of the divisions of the two major branches of computer software, System Software and Applications Software.

programa set of instructions written in code
System SoftwareOne of the two major divisions of software, includes programs for the computer that control internal machine operations.
DOSDisk Operating System - The core of System Software. Operating systems include programs to control internal machine operations. Many examples of operating systems predated to development of Windows.
WindowsAn extremely popular operating system for PC compatible computer. A product from Microsoft Corporation.
GUIGraphical User Interface - Popular operating systems such as Windows use graphic icons to make it easy for users to operate a PC.
Application SoftwareIn short, programs for the user. These programs are designed to accomplish a specific task for the user.
word processingPopular applications program that enables the user to enter, edit, copy, format and print text.
spreadsheetApplications program often used for accounting, puts number data into rows and columns for easy calculations.
database programapplications software that for the management of large collections of information (data).
utility programsPart of system software, these programs perform routine file management tasks such as copy, delete, rename, or move files.
canned softwarePrograms that are mass produced and mass marketed. Selling thousands of copies results in quality software at affordable prices.
custom written softwareThe opposite of canned software, these programs are custom tailored to meet the special and unique needs of one customer.

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