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Ecce Romani Chapter 2 vocabulary

suntthey are
sum, esse, fuito be irregular verb
amica, amicae f.friend (girl.woman)
in (+) ablativein, on
ager, agri m.field
in agrisin the fields
ambulo, ambulare, ambulavi, ambulatumto walk
brevis, brevis, breveshort
tempus, temporis n.time
brevi temporein a short time
defessus, defessa, defessumtired
non iamno longer
atrenuus, strenua, strenuumactive, energetic
curro, currere, cucurri, cursumto run
tandemat last, finally
ex (+) ablativeout of
ex agrisout of the fields
ad (+) accusativeto, toward, for, at
quid faciunt?what are they doing?
eiushis, her, its
habitathe lives
habitantthey live
sedethe sits
sedentthey sit
esthe is
suntthey are
currithe runds
curruntthey run

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